Leadership, Learning and Community Impact: Interview with Liz Prinzi

By Mayura Iyer

Hello everyone! We here at FCG hope you are having a fantastic start to your summer, enjoying the warm weather, and making the most of your travels, internships, or new jobs.

Today, we wanted to highlight one of our accomplished FCG Consulting alumni, Liz Prinzi. Liz is the former Membership Chair of FCG, and has done amazing work through the organization, serving on projects with Habitat for Humanity and with the Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless. We interviewed Liz to get a better idea of what she accomplished during her time with FCG and what this organization has meant to her during her two years as a Master of Public Policy student.

Mayura: Tell us more about what you’ve worked on with FCG during your time with the organization, and your role within FCG Consulting.

Liz: I am the outgoing Membership Chair of FCG. I have worked on three major projects during my time with the organization. Habitat for Humanity has a “Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’- by World” curriculum which helps low-income residents assess their own resources, while training them to build reserves as part of their move to self-sufficiency. We evaluated each module based on impact, design and policy analysis – taking into account the needs of the specific Southwood community in Charlottesville.

The second project I worked on was with Charlottesville Works. As a project leader, I lead a research initiative to improve coordination amongst social service providers for Charlottesville residents.

This past year I have been working on an initiative with the Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH). In the fall semester, I assisted with the creation of a comprehensive survey to be administered to homeless residents of Charlottesville. This semester, we are going back to assess point-in-time data of the homeless population from the recent past in order to look for trends and present data efficiently.

M: What motivated you to join FCG Exec in your second year?

L: I wanted to become a member of the FCG Executive Board because I believe in the central mission of the organization. I was eager to be a part of the growth of the organization with the capacity to both build consulting skills for students and make Charlottesville a better place.

M: What was the most rewarding part about being in FCG?

L: The most rewarding part for me was seeing first-hand the effect that we can have on our community. Working with clients facing real world problems gives you a sense of satisfaction that completing a project for school cannot give.

M: How has serving on the Executive Board translated into other aspects of your life?

L: Being a member of the Executive Board has helped me to further develop both my leadership and organizational skills. Specifically as Membership Chair, I have learned the importance of keeping members happy for any organization to run smoothly. Free food always helps, I will be sure to offer free food at any meeting I may run in the future.

M: Can you tell us a story where you’ve faced a challenge while working on a project with FCG?

L: During my first-ever client meeting for FCG (and ever, actually) it was pouring rain. I was wearing a brand new suit because I wanted to look my best, but completely forgot to bring an umbrella. I was drenched by the time I got to the meeting, and so nervous I was going to look unprofessional. Instead when I got there, the people at Habitat joked with me, and offered me a jacket and a coffee to warm up!

On behalf of FCG Consulting, Liz, we extend our most heartfelt thanks and best wishes for you as you transition into the next phase of your life.

To learn more about the FCG Executive Board, please click here. To read more on how you can get involved and the projects we work on such as those described by Liz in this interview, please click here.

IMG_8042Liz Prinzi is the outgoing Membership Chair of FCG, and graduated this May in 2015. Learn more about the 2014-2015 Executive Board here.


Mayura IyerMayura Iyer is the incoming Membership Chair for the 2015-2016 term. Contact Mayura at MayuraIyer@fcgconsulting.org to learn more about joining FCG’s team of Analysts and Consultants.

Photos by Michelle Cho

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