FCG 2015-2016 is Off and Running!


by Michelle Cho

On Friday, September 18, 2015 we welcomed in our next class of Analysts at our annual orientation and training.

The day was spent inside the Great Hall as we gathered as a general body for the first time this year. New and returning members joined alike to kick-off the beginning of FCG’s fourth Fall term.

With the largest group we have ever accepted, FCG now includes twenty-four members of the MPP Class of 2017 and three new Analysts from the Class of 2016.


The day began with introductions and a few icebreakers to acquaint our members with the incredibly accomplished and distinguished members company that joined them in the room.

During the session, FCG teams worked on a case study simulation loosely based off of previous work FCG has completed for a community partner. Teams presented slide decks prepared speed-round style, with just thirty minutes to create a presentation for their first-ever interaction in a mock environment composed of their peers.

Groups confidently pitched their proposals, listing out the data and information they would need to complete their task, and outlining a pipeline of deliverables crafted to best propel the client’s priority interests.


Analysts were also introduced to membership expectations and FCG’s goals, and learned more about the History of FCG and the work we have done in the past for our many community partners in Charlottesville.

The new FCG class is slated to begin official client work on October 1, 2015.

For more information about FCG, visit our About page or our membership page. Membership for the Spring term will open in January.

To learn about how to get involved with FCG and how to receive pro-bono consultants from our Analysts and Consultants, check our our client information page.

MichelleMichelle Cho is the Executive Director for the 2015-2016 term. Contact Michelle at MichelleCho@fcgconsulting.org to learn more FCG’s mission, the projects is has committed to completing this Fall semester, and how the membership process works.

Photos by Michelle Cho

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