Social Entrepreneurship, Race Relations, and FCG: Interview with Retsy Holliday

Second-Year Consultant Spotlight


by Michelle Cho

Retsy Holliday is always around Garrett Hall. She is the Secretary of the Batten Graduate Council, a Graduate Assistant for Professor Christine Mahoney’s Social Entrepreneurship office, a fantastically social person, and a second-year Consultant at FCG.

Retsy was instrumental in the success of FCG’s keynote event last semester “From Conversation to Change”, and is graduating this May. I sat down to pick her brain and cull her wisdom for new FCG members.

Q.) Where did you complete your summer internship?

Office of Congressmember Karen Bass, House of Representatives

Q.) How did the skills you acquired in FCG help you on the job?

My FCG team hosted a workshop on race relations with over 80 participants including students, professors, faculty and community members. I learned a great deal about the logistics required to host an event of that size that became very useful during my internship on the Hill.

Q.) What are your plans after graduation?

I still have no idea what I’m going to do after I graduate. Hopefully, I will be working internationally at an organization that combines international development with social entrepreneurship.

Q.) Has FCG helped clarify what career path or industry you want to pursue?

Definitely! I know that whatever I end up doing it has to be something that intellectually excites me. Although planning the workshop on race relations was a lot of work, I was happy to do it because it was for an issue that I deeply care about.

Q.) What has juggling your extracurriculars looked like over your time at Batten?

At first, it was virtually impossible because I found statistics and economics so challenging. However, once my work load lightened second semester I truly enjoyed working on a project that I was so passionate about outside of the classroom.

MichelleMichelle Cho is the Executive Director for the 2015-2016 term. Contact Michelle at to learn more FCG’s mission, the projects is has committed to completing this Fall semester, and how the membership process works.

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