How We Work

Each academic year, FCG selects organizations that are seeking pro-bono, policy consulting.

Potential clients complete a one to two page letter-of-inquiry that details areas of needed assistance. The FCG team reviews the letters and selects organizations based on the feasibility of proposed projects, the skill set of the current team, and the fit of the work with FCG’s mission. All tentative projects are designed to be completed by the end of the academic year.

Once selected, clients are notified and the FCG Executive Team drafts a Memorandum of Understanding between FCG and the selected organizations. These memos establish a strategic action plan that details any deliverables and deadlines.

Each client project has a team of Consultants led by a Project Manager. Each team meets weekly to discuss the progress of their project, and each member of FCG is required to spend 5 hours a week on the client project.

Throughout the semester, FCG meets on a regular basis with clients to assess the progress of the project. At the end of each project, the FCG Team and the client complete separate evaluation reports of the completed projects to identify opportunities for improvement.

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