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The FCG Experience

FCG Members, or Consultants, are Master of Public Policy Students at U.Va. who are interested in making formative change in our community. FCG Consultants serve local non-profits and advocacy groups, and offer top-notch consulting free of charge.


“Our MPP curriculum encourages a team-based approach to identifying and solving policy problems, and FCG applies this same approach to its consulting with Charlottesville-area non-profits.”
– Charlie Rosemond, MPP 2016

As part of FCG, Consultants can expect to learn more about the community in a tangible, hands-on way, while also developing professional skills. FCG members gain both hard and soft skills in producing quality, data-driven consulting, while also learning to connect with clients to build rapport and trust.

Throughout the year, our Consultants receive structured training sessions and workshops on how to best help our clients with some of their most challenging issues. FCG members attain an understanding of how to formulate solid recommendations and substantiate them with compelling quantitative and qualitative evidence through these facilitations. In addition, these trainings help illustrate the strong link that exists between policy-based learning in academia, and management consulting as an industry.

Teamwork is also foundational to the FCG delivery method. FCG Consultants work to fulfill FCG’s mission to the community in small, interpersonal teams, and get to know other students well in the MPP program by working often in close proximity on project teams.


“FCG allowed me the opportunity to collaborate and work with second year Batten students which I had never done. This allowed me to see some of the skills I was currently learning used with more mastery and experience.”
– Alexïs Brana, MPP 2016

First-year Batten students who are new Consultants at FCG also have the unique opportunity to work alongside second-year MPPs outside of the classroom. Teams are composed of a mixed dynamic between both experienced and new FCG Consultants, and working on a project together for a semester or two provides the opportunity for all of the Batten MPP community to meet, mingle, and work alongside each other in producing deliverables for our clients. This is a wonderful way to learn more about people in both cohorts and build out a strong network!

Eligibility Requirements

Those interested in joining FCG should be a a Master of Public Policy (MPP) student of the Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy at the University of Virginia, be able to commit to up to 5 hours a week on working on projects for clients, be able to meet once a month for an organization-wide meeting, and pay dues on time if accepted.

Learn more about who should apply to join FCG on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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