Top 5 Reasons to Join FCG

To make your decision to apply to FCG even easier, we’ve laid out the top 5 reasons why you should consider joining the FCG team.


Reason #1: Give Back to the Local Community

From the very beginning, our organizational purpose and mission have always been to better serve our local community and build the capacity of on-the-ground groups accomplishing critically essential work. At FCG, we are deeply invested in maximizing the good work that is already being done in Charlottesville by our clients and community partners. The number one reason you should consider joining FCG is that you will be helping real-people, in real-time in our own community in a skills-based and stimulating way.

Reason #2: Gain Experience Owning Client Deliverables

As part of completing the scope of work outlined at the start of each project, FCG Consultants get hands-on experience with creating and presenting original deliverables in client-facing environments. Sometimes a final deliverable will be a report, and other times it may be a slideshow deck presented in front of a group. We are proud of the work that our Consultants produce and all FCG members gain experience working with crafting creative solutions for our clients and delivering them in meaningful and impactful ways.

Reason #3: Network with Community Leaders and Batten Alumni

Joining FCG opens the door for you to meet a myriad of community leaders and activists working in Charlottesville on some of the most pressing policy issues, in a variety of fields. In the spirit of self-governance, FCG Project Managers and teams interact directly with clients rather than working through Executive Board liaisons. FCG teams often work alongside our community partners and clients to learn more about the local communities needs on-the-ground, meeting local influencers and forging meaningful connections.

In addition, FCG boasts of strong and dynamic Alumni group. Our previous members are scattered across the country and globe – some have gone on to be professional consultants, others are at think tanks and advocacy groups, and some are pursuing even higher education or military service. We are proud to invite our Alumni back to speak and to advise our current members, providing the time and occasion for these relationships to be built.

Reason #4: Thrive Professionally and Develop Personal Leadership

Throughout the year, FCG Consultants are offered multiple opportunities to grow themselves professionally, and are given outlets to display their leadership potential. Team members receive trainings during at-large meetings (beginning with a comprehensive case-study workshop in the Fall) and additional as-needed sessions for more specialized projects. Any FCG Consultant – regardless of year or professional experience – is allowed, and in fact encouraged, to consider running for Project Manager or an Executive Board position.

Reason #5: Develop Team-building Skills and Find Community

One of the most compelling reasons to join FCG is to work on interesting, challenging, and often complex problems, alongside other people who are incredibly intelligent and just as committed to local capacity building. What better way to build community and make new friends than working on issues that matter with people who care?


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